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The A.E. MacDonald Ophthalmic Library andThe William Callahan Reading Room

University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine

Department of Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences

Toronto Western Hospital


Library Committee:


  • Graham Trope (Director)





Information for Users

Location: The Toronto Western Hospital, Vision Science Research Program, 6th Floor, Room MP 6-319, 399 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario M5T 2S8

For library assistance and enquiries, please call (416) 978-4321





Library History

The A.E. MacDonald Ophthalmic Library is named after the late Dr. Alex MacDonald, a former Professor in the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Toronto. Dr. MacDonald's bequest to the Department of Ophthalmology was payment he received from the sale of historical maps and Canadiana to the Public Archives in Ottawa in 1981. The residue of the estate is for the maintenance of the Ophthalmic Library.

This library, based in the Vision Science Research Program space at the Toronto Western Hospital, is specialized for vision researchers and residents in Ophthalmology. It contains a superb collection of ophthalmology books and journals. We receive queries from other libraries in Toronto hospitals and from the University Science and Medicine Library.






No Books, Journals or Bound Journals are to be removed from the Library

The books can be found in the following categories in the back of the Library:













·Inflammation of the Eye


·Laser Surgery





·Ocular Therapy






·Plastic Surgery


·Research Methods


·Slit Lamp







Following is the library's current list of journal subscriptions:

·British Journal of Ophthalmology

·Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology


·Current Eye Research

·Journal of Glaucoma

·Journal of Ocular Pharmacology

·Ophthalmalic Research

·Ophthalmic Surgery








The collection of videotapes may be viewed in the library. Please leave cards on top of the Index Filing Cabinet.



The library is in the process of acquiring a collection of CD-ROMS, including the major ophthalmic texts.


Bound Journals

Pre 1975 Bound Journals are archived at 1 Spadina Crescent and may be viewed upon request.


Card Catalogue

A set of index card drawers will list all the books and journals by Subject, Author and Title cards for Books. There will also be an index for the Bound Journals and



(Not yet available).



The department is unable to provide this service at this time, therefore clients are asked to do their own searches.



Monthly subscriptions to major journals would be gracefully appreciated.Any historic books (over 100 years old) would be appreciated.