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Toronto Cataract Course

Dr. Ike Ahmed



The Toronto Cataract Course, founded in 2003, is an annual one-day CME-accredited program covering cataract and intraocular lens related topics.Emphasis is placed on multimedia, high-impact and interactive presentations with renowned faculty from around the world.

Details of Upcoming Toronto Cataract Course

February 22, 2014
Hilton Toronto
145 Richmond Street West

The course will enable participants to better understand and tackle current controversial areas in cataract surgery and further improve their surgical technique to obtain optimal patient outcomes.


Registration Process

On-line: To register and pay by credit card online, please visit [].

By fax: To register by fax and pay by credit card, please fax this registration form, including credit card information on the reverse, by TBA to (416) 946-7028.