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Fellowship Programme


Since 1992, significant changes have been introduced to our Fellowship Programme. Major changes include:

1.The establishment of a Fellowship Committee.

2. The election of a Chief fellow.

3. The establishment of in-training and final training evaluations.

4. Co-ordinated interaction with the residents through the Resident Programme Committee and social events.

The University of Toronto currently offers 20 fellowships in Tertiary care subspecialty areas. Our Fellowship Training Programme is the largest in the country and provides trainees to numerous national and international centres. The programme is constantly modified by the Fellowship Committee through the Executive Committee. The Director of the Fellowship Committee, Dr. David Wong, is also a member of the Executive Committee. Close co-ordination between the Residency Programme and Fellowship Committee remains a priority of this programme.


Fellowship Committee
  • David Wong (Director)
  • Ike Ahmed
  • Asim Ali
  • Yvonne Buys
  • Hugh McGowan
  • Fellow Representative