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Residency Program


Residency Programme

Major changes have been introduced in Ophthalmology's residency programme since 1992 by the Postgraduate Director, Dr. Wai-Ching Lam. The changes include: introduction of residents down time, a Visiting Professor Programme, the establishment of an effective Postgraduate Committee, and establishment of a Chief resident. Resident research is a departmental priority and is directed by Dr. Agnes Wong. An introductory course (Basic Science and Physiology) takes place during mid-May to June directed by Dr. David Yan.

Note: In keeping with the unaminous decision of the members of the Association of Canadian University Professors of Ophthalmology (ACUPO), our program is looking for and rewarding students who have completed a broad range of electives. It has been suggested that students should NOT perform greater than 10 weeks of their clerkship elective time in ophthalmology. We will enforce this decision by taking this in to consideration when we are reviewing applications for the CaRMS Match and offering interviews to potential candidates with our Programs.


Description of Curriculum


  • PGY1
  • PGY2
  • PGY3
  • PGY4
  • PGY5
  • TORIC course
  • Didactic teaching
  • Surgical Wet Lab


Resident Selection Committee


  • John Christakis (Director)


Postgraduate Committee


  • Wai-Ching Lam (Director)
  • Hall Chew
  • Trevor Chin Fook
  • John Christakis
  • Louis Giavedoni
  • Edward Margolin
  • Gordon Squires
  • Agnes Wong
  • David Wong
  • David Yan
  • Chief Resident
  • 4 Resident Representatives
  • (First/Second/Third/Fourth yrs.)
  • 1 Fellowship Representative